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Knives of Flint 


 Due to the high demand this year it's too late for me to take on more 2014 hunting season orders... and I can only take a few more for Christmas.  Please place your order as early as possible for next year's hunting and Christmas seasons... even now.  Remember, I require NO cash until your order is completed and you approve of the knife (it's only fair, right?).  First come, first serve! 

All photos presented are only samples of my work.

Please contact me to order a
knife or to see
the available stock:


 Watch this YouTube video of my flint knives in action... CLICK HERE


At one time I posted each knife up for sale.  I no longer do that since my knives sell almost as soon as they are made.  Instead, you will need to contact me to see what I may have available, or to place an order.  I require NO payments for orders until the knife is ready to ship and you are satified with the photos I'll send you of the actual order.  Please be aware that Flint-knife making is only my hobby.  My family and my "real" job are always a higher priority.  It may, or may not, take weeks to have one made.  I try to go into full production mode several times a year so contact me anyway.  You never know what I may have until you ask!  All orders are filled in the order they are requested but I normally work in batches to take care of all outstanding orders at a single time. Deer season and Christmas overlap and is a very busy time for me personally, so order early if possible (during sping or summer is best).



In a flash an average skinner of average materials with a sheath is $120.  But below is how I arrive at the prices to help you decide if you want more or less an average skinner knife.

The knives shown below are typical of my field skinning type knives and sheaths.  Here's my pricing guide for skinning knives with sheaths:

blade length:    3.00"     3.50"     4.00"     4.50"      5.00"
common flints:
$120   $125   $130   $140   $150
exotic flints:   
$130   $135   $150   $155   $165

(Prices includes sheath.  Subtract $35 to omit the sheath.)


Email me with your order request and the method of payment that you plan to use. Expect some back-and-forth communication to determine exactly what you want. Once you have decided on your knife and it's completed and ready to ship then full payment is expected. NO fees are required to get an order started! 

My email:

Payment options: Sorry, no credit cards.
PayPal is the simplest method of payment. PayPal will email you a 'Payment Request' and you deal directly with them.

B) Personal checks must clear the bank before shipment is made. It's much quicker if you use one of the major bank branches that's also located in my neighborhood.

C) Money orders are welcome, but MUST be US or Canadian Postal Money Orders which are available at any post office (that's because other money orders are easily counterfeited).

Shipping and handling: Shipping is immediately upon completion of payment. Shipping and handling is $8 for USA and $16 for Canada:

USPS Priority Mail or first class. No orders taken outside of North America except to US military personnel with an APO, FPO, or DPO address. Multiple orders will have to be determined separately (but expect a price reduction).

My guarantee: I guarantee you'll be satisfied with your purchase or I'll give you a complete refund with no questions asked. This includes any shipping damage (I pack 'em good).


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